Below is an evolving list of feature requests extracted fromuser and developer feedback as of 10/02/00:

NOTICE: At least one of these bugs may have been fixed since the dateindicated above, check the source code or the mailing list to verify.

  1. Allow ability to access menu options through right mouse click(channel, inputs, aspect ratio, deinterlace, volume, etc.)
  2. Store multiple settings files that can be chosen from drop down (movies, sports, svideo, cable, etc).
  3. Enhance channel scan code to to truncate channel search (I hate when it scans channels 70-125 and finds nothing), ability to manually add/delete channels and ability to automatically assign standard channel number
  4. Per channel video format selection for those in dual-standard countries
  5. GUI fine-tuning of channel frequencies
  6. Allow American-style channel turning--typing channel numbers on keyboard/remote to turn to channel (e.g., typing "48" goes to channel 48 in frequency tables from channels.txt)
  7. Automatic detection of video format, PAL, SECAM, and NTSC coded material
  8. Add hotkeys to all essential functions for those with advanced remotes
  9. Calibrate Cards to give best set of video adjustments
  10. Investigate the following Color Filtering options:
    • Role of SC Loop and AGC and CAGC values on video noise and edge sharpness
    • See if it is possible to add CTI (Color Transient Improvement) to dTV's filters?
    • Peaking - The Bt879 enables four different peaking levels by programming the PEAK bit and HFILT bits in the SCLOOP register.
    • Automatic Chrominance Gain Control - compensates for reduced chrominance and color-burst amplitudes
    • Coring - The Bt879 video decoder can perform a coring function, in which it forces all values below a programmed level to be 0. This is useful because the human eye is more sensitive to variations in black images.
  11. Support extra tuner and sound chips, including cleanup of tv tuner support with integration of latest bttv developments
  12. Add Full Closed Captioning Support
  13. Check that TeleText works properly and move it to display on screen rather than in separate window
  14. Make code base more compatible with borland development tools
  15. Add support for Boeder PC Chatcam: BT848, composite + svideo, no tuner
  16. Improve 3:2 pulldown for poor quality sources...perhaps method to manually increase bitshift
  17. Specific mode for anime: manual selection, not part of autodetect
  18. Mark Rejhon will probably implement dynamic thresholds capability, including dynamic repeat count - lower mode switch latencies for clearer pictures fromDVD and LaserDisc.Eventually this could make 3:2 detection eventually MUCH more sensitive - maybe even sensitive enough to add code that detect and deinterlace random pulldown, especially cartoons and time-compressed shows.

Remember, dTV will always be a work in progress. We welcome feedback at the AVScience Forum and our developer mailing list!