Les années laser

France, issue 74, (c) Les années laser


"Buying an lcd or dmd matrix-based projector often comes with some strange behavior. All of a sudden, the owner gets the desire of "scaling" everything. That's just fine as this is exactly what offers the application Dscaler, previously known as dTV. Dscaler can be installed on a mid-range computer equipped with a capture card. From there, it becomes possible to deinterlace whatever [interlaced] source using composite or svideo connection, and scale it to the projector resolution.
Dscaler also allows to change the ratio, to adjust video parameters, to choose between different deinterlacing algorithms. For short, Dscaler is simply mandatory for anyone playing with a home theater computer. I almost forgot, Dscaler is open source and so, totally free"

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Video numérique magazine

France, article "Creating a home theater computer", issue 64, (c) Editeurs Luxembourgeois

"Given that todays lcd or dlp projectors are equipped with an svga input capable of displaying an analog (interlaced) signal of 800 by 600 points, it becomes quite easy, thanks to a standard (more than 600mhz) pc, to do some signal processing on it, and to adapt it to match the resolution of the projector's matrix (what an external scaler would do). The interesting point being of bypassing the internal deinterlacing of the projector.

... The first [solution] means connecting a set-top dvd player to the pc using a capture card (using the S-video input). The pc is handling the [webmaster note ; deinterlacing and ..] scaling thanks to a dedicated application (Dscaler). We can thus get rid of a dvd-rom drive and keep the ergonomics of a standard player (remote control etc..) while having full control on the different parameters involved in the scaling."

See a scan of the DScaler related part in the article.

Cinema chez soi

France, article "Somebody's installation ; the projector ? It's in the box" by Bastien Cluzet, issue 29, (c) Tele Satellite publications S.A.

the image is taken good care of by Dscaler
"The image quality is stunning ; colors are natural, image is precise with a lot of contrast and almost no artifact, ?, aliasing and other nice things which are the common problems of that kind [webmaster note ; DLP projector DL500] of projectors, when they are connected through an s-video connection, will disturb your projection experience. That's clearly the proof of the efficiency of the home theater computer, and of Dscaler"

Home theater magazine

Summer 2001 issue, article "A scaler for less than 500 francs ?", (c)


Stereophile Guide to Home Theater

USA, november 2001 issue, article "the 50$ scaler" by Patrick Megenity, (c) Primedia Group Inc.

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They're building home theater computers, and some of them have chosen to bundle Dscaler in their configuration.

Hauppauge is uses the DScaler Directshow deinterlacing filter.